Finding the Right Dress for Your Body Type

Finding the right dress for your body type is a challenge for most women.  Everybody has a different shape and body type and finding the perfect little black dress that looks flattering on us is difficult.  There are different styles of dresses that look better on different body types and that is something you need to see and experience for yourself to get the most flattering look.

When you look your best you absolutely radiate confidence.  Modern society has conditioned us to be very self-conscious and there is always something that we want to change about our bodies.  Choosing a dress that flatters your figure can help you hide the things that you don’t want to show and accentuate the positives.  Looking good makes you feel good and that radiates from you.

Myths You Should Ignore

First you need to understand that there is no perfect body type, not even the celebrities you see gracing magazine covers are without their flaws.  Being healthy and fit is the most important and you should learn to embrace your body.  When we are in a dressing room trying on clothes all we ever see are the flaws that we have.  This also leads us to compare ourselves to others and that is something you need to stop right now.  Accept your body and learn to love it, part of that includes finding the right clothes that fit you.  Here are some tips that will help you find the perfect fit for your body type.

Bigger Hips and Thighs

Those of us who are a little bigger in the hips and thigh area then fitted dressed won’t look the best on you nor will shorter dresses.  Choose a dress with an A-line skirt but not one that is too full.  Wear brighter colors at the top and darker colors at the bottom of your skirt.  Two piece suits will look much better on you than dresses.

Full Waist

Some of us carry more weight around our midsection than we do in our hips or thighs.  For this type of body you want to make your torso look longer and that will draw the attention away from your waist.  To do this you need select a different waistline, choose a drop waist or an empire waist style dress. Use decorative belts that sit lower on your hips and use thinner style belts or chains.

Buying clothes that are flattering isn’t always easy but you can look great when you choose the clothes that fit your body type.  Take a friend with you who will be honest and tell you exactly what looks good on you.

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Consignment Shops are the New Way to Shop

We all love owning luxury brands and enjoying the status that comes with having a Louis Vuitton handbag or some Prada shoes but the price tag that comes with them often keeps them out of our league.  However there is a great solution to getting those designer products that you love…enter the consignment shop.  They carry luxury handbags, designer clothing and shoes and some fantastic accessories.  You can shop at a consignment store locally or find one online, consignment shops are the new way to shop and get great deals.

Luxury Goods

Are you looking for that perfect little black dress or do you want to treat yourself to a new handbag.  A consignment store will have some of the latest fashion trends that can transform your look.  You can find mid to very high end designer bags giving you the chance to grab some incredibly stylish goods.  This is a great way to treat yourself to something special that would normally be way out of your price range.

New and Resale Brands

A consignment store is there to resell gently used high quality brands, they are very particular about the condition of the products they sell.  However because it has been gently used you are able to grab luxury brands at more than half off what they would be retail.  This is what attracts many people to consignment stores in the first place.  If you have designer clothes and accessories that you no longer wear then you have the chance to make a little extra cash.

Most consignment stores will also carry some new and never worn clothing and accessories as well.  One of the great things about consignment stores is that the inventory changes almost every day so every time you come in there is a whole new store full of products for you to browse through.  That also means that if you find something that you love you need to grab it right away it won’t always be there tomorrow.

Classic Design

Consignment store are a veritable treasure trove of fashions and you can grab everything from a wedding dress to a vintage Chanel suit.  Imagine being able to find that iconic pink Chanel suit at a price you can afford or a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk.  Handbags, shoes you name it they are all just waiting for you at a consignments store.

Consignment stores run the gamut from a place where old clothes are donated and the proceeds go to charity, all the way through to resellers of designer bags.  If you live in a rural area where you can’t find a consignment store that carries what you love, don’t worry there are plenty of the online that will be carrying the high end designer brands that you love.

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